“To identify, organize, preserve, grow and promote the RCCC’s history & collection, situating it within the neighborhood of Riverdale and the city of Toronto, as well as in the hearts of club members and curling enthusiasts everywhere.”


We are the Royal Canadian History Project, a growing number of Royal Canadian Curling Club members with an interest in our club’s history. The RCCC dates back to the 1890s, and has deep roots in the Riverdale neighborhood of Toronto. Through the RCCC’s vast collection of trophies, plaques, newsclippings, photographs, and artifacts, we are discovering the organization’s impact on sporting life, civic life, and social life in Toronto over the past 120 years – one item at a time.

Current contributors include: Barry Slater, Brian McAndrew, Dave Field, Leslie O’Reilly, Liam Hughes, Shannon Linde, Steve Yano and Tony Gilroy.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Interest in Joining?  We always welcome new contributors.

Contact us by email: rccchistory@gmail.com

About RCCC History

A growing group of Royal Canadian Curling Club members with an interest in the history of the club, the communities it serves, and the neighborhood in which it is situated.

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